Who are we? Anxious to contribute to the vast project of securing goods and people throughout the national territory, ACC-TCHAD Sarl. Is a team of engineers and technicians specialized in mobile telephony installations (GSM, PDH, SDH), Computer Network (network cabling, fiber optic installation) and RF Radio Frequency for the deployment of BLR (Radio Local Loop, Interconnection of remote sites), Satellite Internet Link (Installation and commissioning of Vsat, sale of Bandwidth). This team has considerable experience in the installation and maintenance of various equipment.What do we have to offer?Having around thirty engineers, certified by ERICSON and having recently undergone training for CDMA and WCDMA installations of HUAWEI equipment on the one hand; ALCATEL and DELTA on the other hand, Link BLR, Vsat, Computer network cabling. These technicians who, having shown diligence, courage and hard work in different countries (Chad, Cameroon, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Central African Republic) have become true professionals with more than ten years of 'experience.

The Mission Of ACC-CHAD SARL

Specialist in IT security for businesses and individuals, ACC-CHAD wants to Extend Support, Solutions, and IT Expertise to Our Clients at the Highest Level.

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Computer security requires specific skills, constant monitoring and daily updating of your software,Whether you are a reseller, end customer, integrator, etc., ACC assists you in all your IT projects and supports you in IT maintenance management.

Benefit from IT support by experts in various fields